The last cochineal is a place aspiring to cognizance in research and activation of a progressively congruous future. It is a growing community dealing in hypotheticals, reinvention and ideation– forging and learning of renewed symbiosis with everything|one. 

The last cochineal is a place for re-orienting expectations of organisms and eaters, asserting connectedness and being MUTUALITY. It’s an environment to internalize and parse through mutualistic conversation and potential becoming and unbecomings. An exploration on the outskirts of consumption through growth and curation, with pragmatism at the fore. Propagation of health and prosperity affirmed in aesthetics and becoming in discovery and reflection. Comfort in uncomfort zones. 

The Last Cochineal is a place for asking about the presence of energy in our bodies, and other bodies- other environments. Somewhere to meet exchange as conversation. For photosynthesizing, inhaling, grazing, absorbing. Potential. To question the realness of SELF-pollination and SELF-fertilization in the span of the human lineage. Circulage. To consider the crisis of food in the present and spasming threat of future ///How the romanticization of gluttony may be the decay of all that is sacred, and colonizing and bastardization of culture for influence has trampled ecologies. How this has/does+will do bad and could/might/will find new routes/channels. De-cay | RE-cay. How the capabilities of our retinas dictate our dietary aspirations. The wonder of tuber diversity. The significance of precognition and whether art needs this. Why astronauts require food with specific textural components. Why they neeed MACARONI.. Why the story of the Three Sisters is absolute symbiotics. Why cobalt wishes it was iron. Why all elements would rather be IRON. Why everything was floating in assspic+gelatin & bones in the 1970s. Why the cult of eating is embedded in language in semantic and SEMIOTIC levels. Why food is identity politics. Why we make the case for TUBERS over paper currency. And URANIUM. Pre(precognition)). Why decadence and satiation barely cross paths. How the community of Harie achieved perfect symbiosis with an adjacent lake. How new cereals continue to be made despite no one asking for them. Ppp Plankton and carbon. How our relationship with food can erode the boundaries of our bodies both physically and mentally. re-cognition// aestheTICS. Closed circuits. Sunny-D.. What it means to give gifts in the shape of perishables and recyclables and non-toxics. Evolution of coccyx. How to get your little sister on board. What it means to diversify our diets+production+manufacturing+re-introduce heirloom varieties+abolish monoculture. Filter feeding. What it means to eat with your hands and cook with your feet. To embrace bacteria>>fermentation>>experimentation. To tinker, to forage to disrupt, to play, to inhale, exhale, to know, to embrace, to applaud, to feel, to try, to eat–to celebrate–to invent–to intend–to-be-attentive–to-remain—to-smarten-up—to-predict–consider–bridge–internalize–externalize–labour–relax–ideate—decay–covet–abolish–mediate—expect\\\give++sacrifice///not-sacrifice{}plate%survive“satiate¬ingest’’’serve~function^^care&be//utilize,,consume>organize!!!break-down…\prepare***signify_submerge$$design–build+*conceptualize.

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